Blue Arrow Sections Hull design:

In the design we chose for this modern approach and a sleek body. The hull design is based on the tulipage of Lock Growter, an Australian naval architect. This form makes it possible for ship to surf/plane making it to go faster and it also reduces the spray.

Blue Arrow A-frame A- Frame, a safer way:

The boom is a dangerous object on board when tacking. It swings from one side to the other with a lot of force. The chariot makes the same move, also being dangerous for fingers and hands. These 2 things have caused a lot of accidents on sailing yachts, turning the dream into a nightmare. At Sea & Yachting we only want sailing to be a dream. Therefore we use an A-frame and a higher boom to ensure safe sailing.

Blue arrow Keel Flip-keels:

For world journeys the ship needs to be also able to sail in the shallows of the islands. It is but a sorry state of affairs when the depth of the sword makes it impossible to sail to the coral reefs that surround the islands. This is why in those regions, the most common ships are catamarans and monohulls have to be adapted. Therefore here we opted for flip-keels, swords and rudders. This reduces draught up to 1.8 m depth and will allow the ship sail much closer and even sail across some coral reefs.

Blue arrow Slice Twin keels on 35° angle:

This gives this ship a few advantages. The ship will be able to reach its surfing/plane speed faster making a real racer. It will also aid in the stability of the monohull as it will reduce the rolling and so make sailing a more comfortable experience. The second keel will also add underwater resistance sideways and so aiding the stability while sailing.

Self-righting in nature:

Twin keels also have an additional previously unintended effect: self-righting nature. While making the stability curve we noted that the ship apparently especially loves 1 position, which is 0 °, and will always try to address itself to this . At 180° (capsized), the least of working out strength (a wave), will cause the ship to target itself back upright.

Blue Arrow Bowspriet Bowspreet:

This design is equipped with a modern carbon retractable bowspreet to enlarge the sailing area. We use a motorized system to retract and put out the bowspreet.

Blue arrow Tender Tender:

In the poop of the ship the RIB is stored in a small tender . This way it doesn’t bother you by laying on deck or hanging in the back. This adds the comfort of space and easy access for swimming.

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