Wingsail with adaptive cambering In 2009 Timmerman Yvon, at the time student in Delft, entered the Marin race and design contest alone, competing against small groups of 3 - 4 designers in an inter-university showdown. He designed a new type of wingsail to run for the innovation price. The jury decided this was indeed the most innovative boat of the contest and awarded him with the Trophy.

Card Card Maquette Ship

Bahamut - Winner of the Inter-University Innovation Trophy 2009
In 2010 Timmerman Yvon, Advanced Shipbuilding, redeveloped his wingsail. It went through a series of windtunnel and performance tests. It is now ready for real size building in future innovative sailing projects.

Power in relation to sailing angle chartWingsail in windtunnel

Wingsail Graph Wingsail

It is clear that a wingsail that would combine high camber at low angles with no camber at high angles would be the best performing sail ever made. This proves that the adaptive wingsail will be the fastest sail and will change the world of sailing.