Ideal for Man over Board RIBS, families, water sporters, tender, rescuers, pilot services, divers, fishing men, adventurers, … .

Available in:
Monohull from: 3,5m to 10m
Catamaran from: 3,5m to 9m
Inboard or outboard: Waterjet also available
Pleasure and Professional usage

• Insubmersible
• Strong & Lightweight Carbon-Aramid Hull
• Customization

Mirevy services Construction Mirevy Kevlar part Kevlar part Kevlar part

Reference prices Insubmersibles click here
Existing Inflatable RIB modification to full tubes also possible. Reference price file click here

Reyvoli insubmersible RIB’s no longer use air in the tubes. No air means no leaks, no flat tubes and most important a safer RIB. When a normal RIB’s tube is pierced, fun is over and the problems are just around the corner. With our full tubes no harm is done and the boat simply continues its voyage. The damage can be repaired easily after the holidays or when the owner has the opportunity.

How ?
Well, the tubes are instead made with a carbon structure with a special multi-layered foam shaped to optimize it’s form. The tubes then receive their special pre-scrubbed Hypalon which is glued over its entire surface instead of just the joints. The space between Hull and floor is also filled. Leaving no empty spaces for water to fill in case of collisions. This gives the RIB extra boyency and it’s insubmersible nature. Example: 4,3m RIB has a boyency of approximately 2 Tons ! Way more than any inflatable RIB of the same size.

Strong & Lightweight Carbon-Aramid Hull:
To construct a strong and lightweight RIB we used the best available materials on the market: Carbon and Aramid (more commonly known as Kevlar). Carbon being 30 times stronger than steel for the same weight is ideal for this usage. This resulted in a strong but light Hull. 110kg 4,3m RIB without propulsion. Just 100kg without the joyride seat! Aramid is one of the most resistant materials known to man. Bulletproof vests, ect… .We use this material for the outer layers of the hull, assuring a significant higher resistance to impact and wear. This being necessary when impacting with debris, collisions , rocky shores or when beaching a lot.
All of this makes the Reyvoli series, the safest RIB on the market.

As a Shipyard it is important to us to deliver to your needs and dreams. Therefore all boats and RIB’s can be customized to the clients wishes. Joyrides, benches, colors, anti-skid are just a few examples.