The development of new technologies and new materials permits an optimization of the hulls for each application. Very strong but light weighted boats are build out of composites. For high speed boats the hull has to be designed to reduce friction and losses. Work boats have to be stable and have loading capacity, they have to withstand heavy sea’s.
The revolutionairy model S&YSHCAT, catamarans with submerged floaters, gives a stability which has never been obtained before. Combining this design with our advanced propulsion system is an other step forward. Yachts have to be pleasant and performing. Performing boats can save crew out off dangerous situations where heavy boats can’t get away in time.
The propulsion system and engines have to fit in this scope, they have to be high performing and light. The boats should better be insubmersible for greater safety of the crew.

All this can easily be achieved with reinforced plastics, and even more, extreme design can be made for the greater joy of the owners. And as some great boat designers say: “A beautifull line makes a great boat”.

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