Boats construction Phoenix
The Phoenix project was started to make a pleasure powerboat for ourselves but very soon we realized we were surpassing our wildest dreams and bringing a new concept to the powerboat circle: advanced-technology. Like the MIREVY it is also an unsinkable catamaran, build in the best materials available.

With its third generation water jet propulsion we put safety and speed on the first place. No danger of damage to propulsion when beaching and no danger of swimmers and divers being hurt by the propellor. For the engines we chose for this prototype are 2x 7.3l Ford Powerstroke Diesel engines, each boosted by high capacity compressor. There are 2 built-in fuel tanks with each a capacity of 500l diesel.

Boats construction Phoenix Seat Comfort is another important item. Weve seen a lot of powerboats with cheap benches and seats, this is sad as with such speed you need to be relaxed in your seat. Therefore we chose to install Race-spec seats adapted for maritime use. Another comfort item we placed is a wind shield, which keeps wind and weather from bothering the pilot and co-pilot. This also increases safety as visibility is more maintained.