Our water jets are made of composite materials on modular moulds in such way we can adapt them to either what hull form. The use of composite is combined with the use of stainless steel parts to take over the extreme local loads and to avoid in this way the rupture of the composite.
The pump housing together with the propulsion nozzle are of compact design to avoid unnecessary protrusions and to reduce the wet surface inside the pump to a minimum.

Jet System Inverse Carbon Kevlar Part Propeller System

The result is a much nicer design in contrast to those jets that extend for more than 1 meter from the stern and which creates this way a high load on the stern. Because of integration of the pump in the hull the loads are better distributed and there are no interface joints to leak under the heavy loads.

The propulsion system with twin flow centrifugal and axial propellers combined with a booster impeller has proved its capacities in the USA. The equivalent jets in the USA are made of aluminium and are'nt really adapted to salt water.Our design uses only high quality stainless steel to grant seaworthiness.Smaller types waterjet impellers can also be made of carbon with the necessary SS inserts.