Construction Mirevy

The MIREVY is a unsinkable catamaran build in the best materials available. In the structure some 16 m³ PVC-foam core is incorporated. The floats are partially filled with foam in such a way they guarantee the unsinkability of the boat at full load. The hulls are compartmented for the same reason.

MirevyThe structure is build up by layers of unidirectional glass fibre fabrics which are laid in the direction of the loads and crosses the hulls from one end to the other. Between the layers glass fibre carbon strips are inserted. This gives a very strong and rigid boat. The thickness of the layers is build up with 23 mm at the bottom of the hulls to 8 mm at the deck level.

Construction Mirevy YachtingThe hulls are elliptical shaped and optimized for a good passage in the waves. There is no keel but two deep leeboards to approve sailing performance.The deck itself is composed of PVC foam core covered with a plywood panel and laminated with epoxy/glass fibre. The boat is build with a sandwich structure, bulkheads and furniture

Mirevy Sandwich Yachting Inside there are four double cabins with each its own bathroom with toilet and three single cabins. The full equipped kitchen and a bathroom with a real bathtub and toilet are situated at port side. A large table can receive ten guests for dinner while the drawing room can receive an other five guests for a drink.

Mirevy yacht
The boat is equipped with twin masts, one on each hull. At the top of the masts there are inflatable floating devices. If in certain circumstances the boat is capsizing the inflatable devises are inflated and avoid the boat from turning over. Resting on the top of one its mast, witch are situated just above the centreline of the hulls, the boat is in an instable position. The movement of the boat and the waves causes the boat to righten. This system makes the boat self–righting.

Two sail drives are foreseen for the propulsion. The saildrives are driven by a single diesel set with a hydraulic Power-Pack. This allows to locate the engine at deck level for better accessibility and to optimize the layout of the floats.

General Specifications:
• Length Overall: 13.45 m / 45 Feet
• Length waterline: 12 m / 40 Feet
• Total Beam: 7 m / 2.33 Feet
• Draft with leeboard down: 0,6 to 3 Meters, adjustable by means of jack
• Mast hight: 14,5 m
• Full Load Displacement: 9 Long Tons
• Intrinsique floating capacity floats: 2 x 3,75 m³
• Engine power: 60 Hp
• Fuel Capacity: 300 + 700 liter
• Capacity drink water tanks: 4 x 100 liter
• Capacity used water tanks: 2 x 200 liter
• Electrical power: 220 V: 13 KVA
• Electrical power: 12 V: 4 x 140 Ah + 1 x 110 Ah