• Boat design:
We can for any project, even the extreme projects, design your boat for a maximum safety and performance. All systems as electrical, electronics, hydraulics or sanitary, deck fittings or special sails systems.

• Hull design:
The hulls are designed in high performance composite material for high strength and performance. The combination of sandwich and foaming of empty spaces guarantees strength and insubmersibility.

• Propulsion system:
Custom water jet design : The water jet is specially designed to fit the hull and the pump body is integrated in the hull in such way any leak is avoided. The impeller system is composed off stainless steel twin flow impeller and an impeller inducer in such a way to obtain a high performing propulsion system. For submerged hulls we have designed a water jet propulsion, based on being compact and long lasting. The hydraulic transmission and the engine are located at deck level for easy access and maintenance.

• Expertise :
For all problems with repairing, maintenance or modification of your boat we can advise you and find the best solutions.