Projects Yachting SHCAT
This boat is a variant on the Swath-slice type boat called SHCAT hereafter (submerged hull catamaran). It is composed of submerged torpedo shaped floats, struts, a trimaran shaped beneath deck and a plain upper deck with wheel house. Thanks to its completely submerged floats the hull is not influenced by the waves.

Due to the combination of the hydrodynamic torpedo shaped floats and the streamlined struts, to decrease wave making resistance, the boat experiences nearly no influence of the sea state.

Projects Yachting SHCAT Graphic Projects Yachting SHCAT Sketch Illustration 1 makes the comparison between the behaviour of a SHCAT and a monohull.
Illustration 2
is a sketch from the deck. The deck is build up of 7 compartments with deck hatches, depth of 90 cm, large 1,5 m and 2 m length.

Projects Yachting Shcat UnderThe floats are partially filled with foam in such a way they guarantee the unsinkability of the boat at full load.

The propulsion module at the back and the floating module at the front of the floats are equiped with dynamical stabilising fins which augment the stability. The propulsion is assured by water jets with twin-flow propeller and boost impeller. The propulsion module with the water jets are part of the floats.
The water jets are driven by a diesel set with a hydraulic Power-Pack. This allows to locate the engines in the hulls for better accessibility and to optimise the shape of the floats.
The foreseen engines are HDOC turbo diesels with 80 to 250 Hp, inter cooling and oil cooling. Those engines are able to run on alternative fuels as bio diesel.

General Specifications:
• Speed: 25 knots
• Full load Cruise speed: 15 knots
• Full Load Draft: 1 to 2 Meters /3 to 7 Feet: adjustable by means of ballast tanks
• Length Overall: 11.95 m / 40 Feet
• Length floats: 11.95 m / 40 Feet
• Total Beam: 6.2 m / 18 Feet
• Full Load Displacement: 14 Long Tons
• Volume floats: 2 x 7.3 m³
• Net float capacity floats: 2 x 6.8 m³
• Intrinsiek floating capacity floats: 2 x 4.2 m³
• Floating capacity struts: 2 x 600 liter
• Engine power: 2 x 80 to 2 x 250 Hp
• Fuel Capacity: 2 x 500 liter
• Capacity drink water tanks: 1 x 100 liter
• Capacity used water tanks: 2 x 200 liter
• Electrical power: 2 x 1KW

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