Blue Energy Research & Development

As renewable energy is the future for our Blue planet we created a fund, especially devoted to research & development in this area. You can help support this fund with donations: BE50 0689 0173 0518

Click this link for current projects.

Why Blue Energy?
Our planet consists for more than 70% out of water. A lot of nature’s power in available in our oceans and rivers. With world climate changes, power grid failures and blackouts, it is now more than ever necessary to use renewables to power our world. Harnessing this energy would greatly reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. This will create a cleaner environment for future generations to live in! Present day renewable energy is not efficient without governmental support. Therefore we need to investigate and build better systems and new technologies. We also need to focus on synergies between the several energy types being:

• Ocean/ wave Energy
• Wind Energy
• Tidal Energy / Energy from currents
• Solar Energy

To further support this research we recently invested in the construction of a wave- and tow tank for prototype testing. Mail: