Swath Slice Technical

This Swath-slice type boat is not influenced by the waves. Its hydrodynamic torpedo shaped floats and the streamlined struts decrease wave making resistance. So this working boat experiences nearly no influence of the sea state and permits a large spectrum of offshore activities: transport of equipment, divers support, maintenance of offshore equipment, etc...

General Specifications:
• Length Overall: 11.95 m / 40 Feet
• Total Beam: 6.2 m / 18 Feet
• Full Load Displacement: 14 Long Tons

Catrib TechnicalThe S&YCATRIB is a pseudo Rigid Inflatable. It has the advantages of the RIB’s without the inconveniences.The purpose of the catamaran type is to give a large working platform, for diving or other activities. The water jets permits beaching and navigation in shallow waters.